Playing a Tidal version of a track already in my personal collection

How do I go about forcing Roon to display and play a Tidal track/album instead of the version in my library? Let’s say I want to hear a full resolution Tidal version of an album/track that I own on MP3? Am I missing how to do this inside Roon?

When I search for an artist in Roon, the Tidal section of the results displays the albums/tracks that aren’t in my library. How do I drill down the the Tidal version instead of Roon defaulting to my version which may be an MP3 or corrupt?

The answer is probably obvious but I can’t figure out how to do this.



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I would like to see this too. Choose highest bit-rate.

Hey guys – there are a couple big pieces of work related to tighter integration of your local library with TIDAL content. We’re hoping this will happen later this summer.

This work will cover a number of new features, but will also address a couple of very annoying bugs that exist right now, like when you have a single track from an album in your library (from either a file or from TIDAL). Expect this all to get a lot tighter once that work is complete.


'preciate it.

Here’s the thing: I love the way Roon returns artists and albums that are in my library and on Tidal. But I still want to see everything Tidal has while I’m in Roon. Right now, there are three versions of The Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ album available on Tidal. Each has different numbers and versions of the same track names. But Roon (on my Mac version) only displays one Tidal version of the album.

I can imagine how difficult it must be to program Roon to select and display artists and albums without being redundant. However, once I am inside Roon playing music, I don’t want to leave Roon to find what I know is available on Tidal. Especially when the editorial content in Roon refers to album tracks not displayed in Roon but that might be found by running the Tidal app/webplayer. I don’t want to run Tidal/Roon side-by-side. Like I said, the way Roon presents the results of my searches is terrific.

Looks like you guys won’t be taking any vacations this summer.

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Hi, I have the same request. Is the only way to force Roon to play the Tidal version to remove the album or track from my library?

If we’ve matched your album to TIDAL’s version, you should be able to navigate to their copy via the “Other Versions Of This Album” button on the album page.

If we haven’t matched your version to TIDAL’s, the album should appear on the artist’s page.

Let me know if you’re seeing something different than I’m describing, ok?

Perfect. Yes, it works as you describe. Thank you.

Relatively new to Roon, but loving it. I have quickly moved to Tidal HiFi and have ordered and Aires Mini to replace my Airplay connection.

It’s great to have this kind of responsiveness here. You’ve answered other questions of mine. Thanks @mike.

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