Playing Apple Music Lossless with Roon

How do i import or play apple music lossless on roon?
or in other words if i use only apple music lossless is roon redundant?


Roon doesn’t have support for Apple Music.

If you only use Apple Music, then roon won’t help you at all.

You can’t, only Sonos has been deemed acceptable by Apple to have access to their service outside of using Apple own app and eco system.

I don’t understand then why can other iOS players I have access my Apple Music Library? The files have to be downloaded but that’s ok.

if your files are downloaded roon can certainly play ALAC. it just can’t access the Apple Music API to integrate streaming/cataloging as it does other services. yet.

And it’s unlikely that Sonos will get access to lossless streaming from Apple.

Would be limited to 48/24 anyway.

So… that’s still ‘lossless’ for most of the content on Apple Music.

That’s what I’m saying some other iOS players can access the Apple Music Library Playlists and Albums, Artists etc… why can’t Roon? My other problem with Roon is I can’t play back DSF even if downloaded through my portable DAC. I can only play them at home and not in full DSF quality

Because Roon doesn’t play anything housed on the iOS device. Roon plays music stored on or accessed as network storage for the core. It has no idea as to what’s on your phone. iOS apps have access to your local storage on the iOS device so if you downloaded them to it they can see them. Roon is a server client application the remotes do not in any way act as a source for music.

If they are downloaded to your cores storage and Roon can’t see them then something is up as it should see ALAC files with no issues. If they are the new HLS downloads then Roon wont work with them at all.

What apps have access to Apple Music? Do you mean purchased music ? Or from the streaming bit. You can use the webapi for the latter but it relies on Apple’s architecture for playback not any other hardware or software player can play streams, nor can you use it like Roon does as your not allowed to hold any data. It’s a basic window for companion apps not standalone library playback apps they all require Apple Music to be installed as well. If it’s purchased downloaded music then any apps should be Apple to play them back, except Roon as I explained above.

Patience Young Padawan - Roon Mobile is coming.


Was there any update about a possible timeline for this?

Roon Mobile?

No timeline given. There’s multiple threads about it.

I find this utterly depressing:

Apple offers half-price Music - but only if you say 'Hey Siri'


@Shokunin , there was a very reluctant date of “maaaaaaybe by the end of August” mentioned by some guy named “Danny”. I’ll repeat: He was being very cautious and reluctant to mention a date, and also stressed “and don’t hold me to this!” :slight_smile:

I’m being patient…