Playing are interrupted ocassionally [Solved]

After upgrading to Roon v1.2, playing a track is interrupted ocassionally about 30 seconds or 40 seconds interval.

My setup:

iMac (not Mac mini) i7-4GHz, 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD
Software, Roon v1.2, Audirvana plus
Storage: 1 raid with thunderbolt interface, 2 external HDD through usb 3.0 interface. Connected directly to iMac. (No networked storages)
file type: Apple Lossless, Flac

When I play using Audirvana, no interruption is occurred ever.

What do I must to do to fix this problem?

question: wireless or wired?

I was getting this to. Upgrade to a sonic transporter and all interruptions stopped. Believe me it is the Mac mini. I had the same setup. Sonic transporter dedicated roon server is the way to go.

I believe there are a lot of factors not provided here that can be the cause. The Mac Chanjin is using has plenty of balls to handle the job. I am running a dedicated Mac Mini i7-3Ghz with 16 GB RAM and 500 GB Flash Drive and it doesn’t break a sweat nor do I have any of the dropouts Chanjin is experiencing.

Now my MacMini is 100% dedicated to Roon, it does nothing else but runs occasional backups in the background for a system that rarely changes. It is hard wired to my router and its music library (a Synology NAS), like the MacMini this Synology NAS is dedicated to the media task only.

I’d suggest Chanjin check his network connections (are you using wireless? If so have you tested your speeds throughout your home, in particular your end points?), is the Mac being used for anything else besides his music? If so, what is it being used for and how much strain do these other activities put on CPU and memory?

The machine is more than capable, the problem lies somewhere else in a story we’ve barely scratched the surface on.

This is an important point. If you have RoonServer on a machine which is being used for other tasks at the same time, some programs will cause interruptions in Roon’s audio stream.

Whether Mac mini or Sonic transporter, use a dedicated machine. That is the key. My mac mini had all of its functions shut down and I would only use roon through it and I still got skipping on DSD128. It is an expensive computer solely to dedicate to Roon. That is why I think Sonic transporter is a bargain/ For 375 a dedicated server that has not skipped once. I now don’t have to close out programs on my Mac Mini which I use as a primary computer. I did notice the music analytics did not take nearly as long either. Very happy user of SonicTransporter and can recommend. Wish I would have purchased the upgraded audiophile version now!

Hey @Chanjin_Shin – sorry for the trouble here.

Has your collection finished importing? Meaning, has the spinner up in the top-right near Search gone away?

What kind of output are you playing to?

DAC with usb interface is connected to iMac through usb cable directly.

When the interruption was occurring during playing a track,
any processing related with importing or merging was not going on, meaing finished,
and I also truned off the function of analying file also on the setting menu.

I play music files from attatched external storage farm (raid storage includes 5 HDD) directly connected with thenderbolt interface, and do not use networked storage, NAS or something.
I have also two external HDDs connected to iMac wirh usb 3.0 interface.

So iMac (not Max mini) is connected 1 thunderbolt raid storage, also 2 external HDD storege through usb 3.0 interface. And DAC (Wyred 4 DSDse DAC) is connect to iMac through usb interfaces directly.
Roon now manages information which includes 20,000 albulm, 230,000 tracks.

Approximately 3.2 GB RAM is occupied by ROON program now.

When on previous ROON version 1.xx, no interruption was occurred ever.

Thanks your response!

Yes sure. When I browse the process list on the OS running, no significant performance consumming process was not foumded, but I’ll keep wach for that. Thanks!

Thanks you reply. And I also agree with you.
I’ll browse the process list of OSX, amd hopely want to find the troublesome process that cause the interruption.
Best regards!

I’ve resolved it. The problem was the traffic of usb hub.
I’ve disconnect the external storages using usb interface from iMac and that’s solved.
Maybe it should change the external usb storage to other storage with non-usb interface or NAS.

Thanks and sorry for bothering you.
Best regards.


Good Find Chanjin. Something for others to be aware of. Those little USB Hubs are sure handy for expanding USB slots but they really don’t come for free.

I would suggest an ethernet connected NAS like QNAP instead. Good Find!

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Thanks for your good advice!

Thanks you for a kind advice.
Sure, I’ll conntect iMac to NAS, TS-251+.
Best regards.