Playing but not from my selection

When I go to “Genres” > select “Classical” (or any genre) > select one of the artist listed below (one not in any of my libraries) > “Play Artist”, Roon starts playing a track from my library and not related by genre or artist to the artist I selected. By example, I select “Linda McCartney” from the “Classical” option under Genres, and Roon starts playing a track from Carly Simon. The only connection is that the album from my library that starts playing has a check mark in the lower left column of the album art. Anyone know what that check mark means?


I think the check mark you are referring to indicates an album ‘Pick’ – meaning an album recommended by

I wonder if under the ‘Focus’ parameters you might have the option selected to play only ‘Picks’. You might want to try clicking the ‘Reset’ button within the ‘Focus’ options.

I have no idea what would cause Linda McCartney to be listed under the classical genre.


The check mark means that it is one of the artists best albums, much like the check mark next to tracks.