Playing CDs now and then

When i fall back to play CDs, i do it once or twice a week, i can still feel there is something i miss on a few cds if i comapre to using ROON with local FLAC/Tidac or Qobus. Enyone else have that feeling? And use an old Yamaha CDX-1060 (Coax) to my Auralic VEGA G1 Ver.2 or a Tascam cd-rw901mkii (Teac Pro Series) connected to AES (digital) on the Auralic, the tacam i use most of the times… but i often get the feeling i miss somethings on same tune played on ROON, and i have tried different settings on ROON Alot, DSP/upsampling all to DSD512 / all 4 different filters in ROON and the 4 filters on Auralic.

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I think I understand what you’re saying, although I no longer have a CD player.

However, when auditioning various CD players in my Hi-Fi, I was surprised how different each sounded. In my view, a digital transport, whether a CD player or DAC, should not influence what I hear.

Moreover, you should only use the same recording to make the comparison, i.e., original CD and a lossless rip. TIDAL and Qobuz releases may be a different master, and could sound different.

Ultimately, I decided that a good DAC and Roon lifetime membership was a better way to spend my money.

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yes, i did do the comparison like that with that same CD ripped using ROON CD ripper, i am getting old and comfortable and love ROON and start to feel cds is a pain to go swap and got used to have everything in my phone/tablet so thinking of get rid off or put aside my cdplayers and go all in ROON/streaming but have so mixed feelings now and then.

That feeling you’re feeling is just called ‘Nostalgia’ :heart_eyes:


hehe, yes I guess you are right, it seems I have that sickness (feeling) hahaha… :grin::hugs:


Treasure trove detected :sunglasses:

I still have a CD player in the living room. In the form of a BluRay player that is. I’m currently busy ripping my music CD’s to uncompressed FLAC. Because I noticed quite a difference with Roon Radio when it plays both high res from Qobuz and Tidal and my own music which is mostly 320 kbit AAC.

So my good old Apple Super Drive is working overtime ripping everything to my MacBook Pro’s external hard drive. Which I will then merge with my Roon Core. While deleting the old AAC files at the same time.

It does make for some variations compared to Qobuz and Tidal. For example I have an album on which one track was changed by the Qobuz and Tidal versions, because on the original a sample was used without consent of the original musician. So that means I have a different version on CD compared to the streaming versions.

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There is often alot of versions of the same CD, different productions or realese dates, remastering and collection albums, i often find the later worse then the original

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That’s generally true. Although some compilations are really nice.

For example I own the original version of U2 - Achtung Baby on CD. On Qobuz (and Tidal) I’ve found the 30th anniversary version of it which has a lot of additional tracks. Mostly remixes etc. But still, some real gems there.

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I have a great CD player, an Oppo 203. If only I had a CD to play with it. I should buy one to try it.



I have about 200 discs or so here. Which now get some usage after being in storage for years.

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Is the same for me, now and then I bring them out an enjoy :wink:


As someone who was born in the 70s, I have such a hard time getting my head round not owning the music I love.

So although I try to embrace streaming because of it’s convinience and cost saving, I usually always end up buying the albums I love…

I think it’s a generation thing.


I was born in the 70’s as well. But I haven’t bought a CD in many years. Bought some albums from the iTunes music store in the past. But nowadays I’m just happy paying for Apple Music (through my Apple One subscription), Qobuz and Tidal HiFi Plus.


I have three optical players in my main rig:
-Pioneer BDP-80FD (SACD ripping only)

  • Denon DCD-1015 (perfect transport)
  • Yamaha CD-500 (backup transport)

My Schiit Bifrost 2/64 has a better DAC than any of my optical players, so I don’t use them for their DACs.

This weekend I did another shootout with my Bifrost 2/64 using the Denon toslink out, Denon coax out, and the Nucleus+ USB out… all into the Bifrost. The differences were so small, I believe there is no real reason for me to play the actual 7,000 CDs/SACDs residing on the shelves in my spare room now that they are all ripped to lossless files. Playing the files via Roon and integrated with Qobuz is a dream solution for me. My “kid self” would be so envious of my room filled with thousands of physical media but being able to not be tied to them in order to hear them. Adding ARC makes it the golden age for listening to my digital library.

I still buy CDs, but my LP purchasing has trickled to about a handful a year. I just don’t need to play physical formats to get into my music.

Oh. And I am 50 years old.


Well judging the dates on the CD’s that I am currently ripping. The most recent one so far is from 2005. That’s likely the year that I’ve bought the last CD.

Which makes sense as that was the year that I was finally able to move out after an appartement became available. Still living in it. And always had rock solid and fast cable TV and Internet. So apart from buying the occasional DVD or BluRay disc I’ve been using the Internet for my music.

And I am currently 45. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice approach, Wayne. This gives the musicians the support that they richly deserve. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have anything to listen to, this forum wouldn’t exist and I suppose we’d all be moping around with our chins dragging on the ground.


I am lucky that the record store where i bought my first cassette and vinyl is still in business, whey have bin around since 1974, called “Bengans” is located in Gothenburg, Sweden

And i was born in 1976

Om Bengans

There aren’t any record stores around here (Netherlands) anymore. And even in the big cities around here only the Mediamarkt still has a tiny corner with music and movies. It’s all digital these days.

I’m 1 year younger. I was born in 1977.

I arum play CDs. I find the sound quality from DSD on my PS audio SACD transport + Direct stream DAC combo much superior to any 24/192 on local library or streaming.

@Peter_Wallin Hi and YES to same feelings you have!
I have both a yamaha c-750 cd/sacd/dvd-a disc changer and a harmon-kardon hdcd changer both played into a schiit ragnarok 2 amp via rca connects and sometimes as toslink/optical into schiit yagdrasil gs DAC(but its a PIA to change things in/out!).
hands down all my CDs DVD-A SACD and DEAD HDCDs sound really so much better than ROON/Audirvana Studio/TIDAL app including so called MASTERS into a Explorer 2 DAC(also into that schiit amp)/Qobuz app.
My system is very simple the above schiit products out to a pair Legacy Audio HD Studio Monitors/my source is from new Mac Mini M1 using Ventura with 16GB RAM.
and BTW it is also such a PIA to find the discs take them out even into a 5 disc changer then put them away… so despite the lower SQ which obviously is not bad at all it is easier just to click and listen–my CFO says i am lazy and have “old man=itis”

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