Playing Composition reverts to lower quality Qobuz version [ticket in]

I have noticed an error regarding the version of a Qobuz album played when a classical composition is selected. The problem is similar to what is described in this thread, but is activated by initiating play in a different way.

This seems to be 100% reproducible for all Qobuz albums with classical compositions identified that has both a 16/144 and higher-res (e.g. 24/96) album version linked.

I’m using this album as an example, but the problem seems to be 100% agnostic to the album (as long as it has both 16/44 and high-res versions)

Clicking on the Composition (group heading) on the 24/96 version, and choosing any of the Play options selects the 16/44 version.

All other options play the correct 24/96 version:

  • Album-level click and Play options
  • Track-level click and Play options
  • Composition-level purple Play icon at the far left
  • Track-level purple Play icon at the far left

Roon version 1.8.933 (reproduced on both a Mac core and a linux core)

Edit: This same issue also exists in 1.8.935 released today.

In my case (using the same album) “Play from here” plays the 24/96 version, but “Play now” plays 16/44.

@JWC can you please re-confirm?

Yes, that matches the behavior (my mistake).

Here are the results of choosing each option from the purple menu that appears in-line when you click the Composition Group

Play from Here: 24/96
Play Now: 16/44
Add Next: 16/44
+Queue: 16/44

All other actions seem to play the 24/96 version (including right-clicking the composition and choosing Play Now at the top of the screen).

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Thanks for clarifying! I’ve submitted a ticket for the devs.

Hey @JWC,

Ben here with the support team, I wanted to check in on the status of your issue. Are you still running into this issue with the most recent Roon build 952?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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Thanks for following up.

I confirm that the issue seems to be fully resolved. I tested using both MacOS and iPad remotes, and the expected high resolution version plays in all cases. Thanks.

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