Playing DSD 256 files via Squeezebox to the Nagra Classic DAC

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Innuos Zenith MkIII / Roon Vs. 1.7 (build 667)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet LAN

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

via USB to Nagra Classic DAC

Description Of Issue

Wanted to play a DSD 256 File. Have configured the squeezebox as reported in “Audio Set Up Basics” (Roon support center)

Although my DAC is capable to play DSD 256, only a “DSD 64” signal arrives at the DAC. How could I make to get the full DSD 256 audio stream to the DAC using Squeezelite/Squeezebox?

Thx so much, regards, Michael

Any reason you are using one of the worst streaming options to a very expensive dac?


The limitation is in the squeezebox, it won’t support higher streams. To get 256 you would need to replace it.

Sorry to say, I am a real beginner and currently testing this expensive DAC.

Could you explain what you think? Why is it the worst option? What would be your suggestion? Thx for your help

Thx for your comment.
I am really new in the field and was told that the squeezebox is an excellent option within the Roon environment.

My primary aim is to enjoy music. I do not know whether this expensive DAC (which I can test for a week) is really worth the money and whether high resolution files are really audible.

In addition, I have learned that cleverly adapting Roon improves sound quality much more than upgrading the hardware (I own the Innuos zenith as Roon core).

Thx for your help, Michael

I’m out at the moment but if it’s connected via usb to the zenith, you should see it shown in the audio tab under settings as connected to this core. This is the zone to which you should be playing to, and unless you have other Squeezebox equipment you should turn off the Squeezebox option in Roon

What do you mean wise guy?

Compared what Roon offers with RAAT

OK - Sure, I undrestand

Hi Michael,
If you are using your Zenith in Roon Server mode, your Nagra DAC should be visible under “Connected to Core” section in Settings-.Audio.
Just enable it there, and then select it as a zone in Roon. Don’t bother with SqueezeLite in your scenario…

This (Squeezebox) streaming setup was discontinued in 2012 and never really developed after that so has fallen way behind in terms digital streaming options that exist in today’s equipment.

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Here’s the information:

Dear Mikael, dear All

many thx for your support! In the meantime I understand the overall system much more and I was able to use the Roon Core as “Server” and connect to the DAC directly! Everything works fine and the sound quality is a quality higher. More 3D, more “live feeling” … absolutely great! Thx so much!

Please let me ask another question regarding the files: The Nagra Classic DAC is able to play DSD 128 files, and I currently listen to “Friday Night in San Francisco” (DSD 64), but the DAC identifies it as DXD 352 input … what does this mean.

Dear All, thx again. Really helpful and supportive! Kind Greetings

Could you show us Signal Path; something like that:

If you want to see what your DAC shows for each type, you can download the same song segment in many different formats here for free

I can’t remember exactly, but i think you need to tell the InnuOS that your DAC can do DSD DoP (up to DSD128)?
If not, please make sure that you have configured the Audio zone (Nagra Classic DAC) correctly in Roon:

Thx again. Please find included the screenshot

Yes, I have done it know. Please find included the device setup of the DAC within Roon

Try the “Identify this device” from the top of your last screenshot, and search for Nagra. Im pretty sure your Classic is a Roon Tested Device(which means if you select it, all settings will be optimal)

Edit: But on your precious post, you show that Roon is playing DSD in DoP format to your DAC, which means it is actually receiving DSD in DoP-format. But the display still says DXD?

Yes it is