Playing entire album under composer browse

When viewing by composer in the iOS app, under the composer the only thing listed is compositions and I can only find a way to play by composition. Is there a way to bring up the entire album to play instead of just by individual composition?

It is a bit round about, but, under a composer and in the composition list, click on a composition you want to hear the whole album, for example, I’m looking at Bach:

when I click on the above I go to the Composition Play page. To get to the whole album click on the link I have the arrow shown to:

this will take you to the whole album to play. I agree there should probably be a “Go to Album” option under a menu on the Composition’s Page. You could make a post in Feature Requests.

You can also click/touch the album thumbnail of the performance to bring up the Album page…

Yes, and the three dot menu on this page also has a Go to Album option, if we are being completist. :smiley:

touché! :grinning:

Thanks, all of those work, problem solved. It would be great if there were an option next to the work in the initial list, but at least there’s a way to get there.

I suspect that the Go to Album is on the Performance Page because there can be multiple Compositions and clicking on them brings up both options on the Performance Page to then select which one to play (or in your case, which album to go to).