Playing Favorite rated tracks only

is there a way to play favorite tracks only or play 5 star rated albums only? I see no way to do this.

In the tracks browser, click the little favourites icon which will result in only favourites tracks being shown. You can then play or shuffle these.

For 5 star albums (and similar), Focus is your friend.

Thank for the info . Incredibly confusing once you get into tracks. Not clear at all but i figured it out after 10 minutes. Went to picks than favorites.

Also remember the Fav heart is used for all the views, Albums, Tracks, Artists, Lyrics Found, Reviews & Bios and Images, but it very useful for the Albums and Tracks views, so once in either the Albums or Tracks browser, the Fav icon will let you display, Sort and play all Favorited Albums or Tracks.

It doesn’t really display all tracks i have favorited but it seems to play those not on the list that shows up. Weird.

Make sure you don’t have any filters on, the column headings, allow you to filter and sort, click on the black funnel icon on the right of each column, and or do you have a focus set?