Playing favorites?

1.8 installed automatically on iPad, so had to upgrade core. I was going to wait, but I’ve got it now. So far it works, but can’t find “play favorites” on an album. Was this removed? and why? Is it called something else now?

So far not impressed with new look. Looks like it was changed just to change, not to improve anything. Hopefully as I use searches and recommendations I will notice improvement. Overall, I was quite happy with previous version. Crossing my fingers “play favorites” is the only problem I run into.

Click the heart, this selects the favourites, then press play. It’s probably to do with how the whole focus now works. The work flow is focus-> play.


Thanks! This worked. I had tried the “heart” icon, but was confused because it appeared to mark all songs on album as favorites. I didn’t notice it had removed the others. But I sure miss the super obvious “play favorites” button with label.

Same comment on the tiny “show queue” icon. I much, much prefer icons with a label on them like the old “Queue” icon. Much, much easier to find. Probably took me 15 min of experimenting to find the new one. The old one was easy.

I see no reason for the changes other than just to be different, which is a poor reason. I received all the 1.8 hype emails, and it would have helped a lot if instead of the advertising hype, you told us about these changes and how they work. I still have no idea what “focus” means and what it does. How about an email with some detailed actual practical examples? So far too much marketing, not enough how to use.

I have Mac-Mini/Catalina OS with Roon core, controlled by iPad with Roon app. So far no other problems, just the annoying new UI. I also have Tidal and it seems to work fine. UI’s are pet peeve of mine because I used to write software!

I was impressed with your quick response since I know you’re swamped right now, so again, thank you for that. Dave

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