Playing HiRes files on Mac Mini

This is my first week with Roon and I like it a lot. But I encounter a problem. My Mac Mini Server (mid 2010) is running El Capitan (10.11.3) en Roon software. My music files are located at 2 external firewire harddisks. My mini is connected to a Marantz SR 7009 by HDMI cable. The Marantz is my DAC and amplifier. When I power up the Marantz and start the Roon software every thing is going fine. (1) When a play a 24b/192KHz lossless file, the purple light is burning and every thing is alright. (2) If the second file that I play is a 16b/44.1KHz lossless file, still the purple light is burning. (3) But if I play another 24b/192KHz lossless files, the light is only burning green. The Audio/MIDI-conf. software on the Mac sees only 24K/48KHz output. I have to kill the Roon software and manually set the Audio/MIDI conf. software into the right position = 8 channel 24b / 192 KHz settings. Then every runs fine until I play another 24b/44.1KHz file and every thing starts over again.
What can I do to fix this! Have I missed a preset in Roon or something?

Frank / the Netherlands.

Hey @Frank_Berens1 – can you give us some details about your setup, in particular a screenshot of your output settings would be helpful.


This are my output settings.

Hi Mike,

I posted a screenshot of my Output settings

Hey @Frank_Berens1 – I just sent you a PM with some information about sending us some logs.

Make sure you repeat this sequence one more time, then follow the steps to send us some more info: