Playing MQA high-res content over AIR to a Devialet Expert is not working well

Playback of MQA on the Devialet via Air is a halting mess. Is anyone else having these problems?

Hello @Aaron_Garrett,

Devialet is aware of issues with Air streaming in Roon and high resolution playback. They have not released a timeline of when to expect an improvement with this behavior, but they are aware and actively working on the issue. I would be sure to occasionally check the Devialet “Latest News” page for when they roll out a new update.


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I’m using the SOTM Triple set to stream MQA to my Devialet 440 Pro CI and I’m not having any problems. When I set the sMS 200 Ultra to render only, the Devialet reports 88.2 or 96, depending on the source file.

Thanks. I think the problem must just be AIR.