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I recently bought a used Nucleus and have been listening to Qobuz. The Nucleus came with an internal drive which has music from the previous owner. How do I access that folder and its music?

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Providing it does indeed contain an additional drive with music( one smaller drive for Roon OS, a larger one for music typically).
Then on startup in your location the music on said drive should have been automatically scanned and shown up in your library.
Can you post a screenshot of settings:storage?

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Not sure how to do a screenshot, but the settings:storage page reads (under the FOLDERS heading):

Nucleus Internal Storage
Watching for new files in real time
7583 tracks imported

Ok then you should see those 7583 tracks in your library.
As long as they are compatible with Roon and as they are in the hard drive internal to the Nucleus I would think they are.
What are you then seeing when you look at your library?

That seems as if it found the music. Go to My Albums > Focus, scroll sideways to Storage Locations. The internal storage of the Nucleus should be listed. Click it and it will only display the music from this location.

To access it from a computer, follow the instructions under Importing Music to Internal Storage here

Only three albums, and the location is “Qobuz Library”.

Went there and then to my MacBook with
There is a folder called Roon Imports that has hundreds of albums. Now I just need to find a way to access them. :slightly_smiling_face:

So it’s there and the Roon settings for the storage indicate that Roon found it. No idea why you are not seeing it. We need screenshots of what you are seeing.

By the way, the legality of all this seems very dodgy to me and the forum rules are strict about it, but I trust in the presence of @AceRimmer

FWIW, Roon tells me that 12 tracks (from my Qobuz Library, I believe) have been added to library, with 0 identified.

FWIW, Roon tells me that 12 tracks (from my Qobuz Library, I believe) have been added to library, with 0 identified.

Sounds wrong as well, I have never seen an album from Qobuz unidentified, this usually only happens with local files if at all (unofficial recordings, unusual versions with different track numbers or something like that)

I think that as long as the Nucleus was not listed and sold as containing music then anything subsequently “discovered” on arrival should be good😉

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Definitely something wrong here.
Unless the music files ARE a non compatible Roon format.
When you look in that file folder what extensions do the music files have?

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I have no idea what has happened, but the 692 albums on the SSD have just started showing up as part of my library.

My cup runneth over…

Ah…how long ago did you start the Nucleus up for your first time?
It now sounds like Roon might just have been analyzing them after import.
But I still would have thought you would have seen n them right away.

… or maybe not.

This morning, so maybe it was just slow.

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