Playing music on my Imac when the Core is on a separate server [answered]

I would like to play music on my Imac computer with ROON installed on it while the core is on a separate server. How do I set this up?

Haven’t you asked this in multiple threads and been given advice?

I have been given multiple answers and none are working

you should stick to one thread. Just posting the same question in multiple threads is likely to annoy people. Last I saw you were advised to do something but you never responded. A single thread with all the actions give people all the information to be able to help you.

I am sorry but I do not know how to ad to apost

In each post on the right is a reply button, just click on it and it will open a box for you to type your reply and at the bottom of the box is a blue reply button for you to click when finished.

Tony are you one of the administrators

Not at all, just one of the community trying to gelp you

Tony this is my issue. I have Room Server and Room Ready on an Antipodes DX media server (the core) is there also. I already have 2 Zones an Antipodes D1 as my main system and a Sonore Micro-Rendu.I would like a 3rd Zone which is my
Imac computer which has Room SERVER and Room Ready installed on it. Also have Room Bridge installed on it. I was told by someone on the community I would need to use Room Bridge but I could not make it work. Then I asked Antipodes Audio support for assistance and they told me if I already had Room installed on my iMac that I did not need to use Room Bridge. As you can see I am thoroughly confused please help if you can.

The advice given to you by Antipodes (Tony I guess) was correct. However I would start again with the Mac, uninstall/delete all Roon software from it. Here is a link to help you understand how it all works.

In your case your Antipodes DX is running Roon Core. The Sonore Micro-Rendu is a Roon endpoint and runs a specialised version of Roon Bridge just for the Micro-Rendu. What you want to do is use your Imac to play music. In order to do this you only need to download and install Roon Bridge on the iMac. You also need to ensure Roon Bridge starts automatically on booting the iMac. I am sorry I don’t use Apple products so can’t tell you how to do that in OS X but hopefully you know how.

The last peice of the puzzle is something to use as a Roon Remote. Most people use a iPad Air or better model or an android tablet. You can also use an iPhone or Android phone but the functionality is more limited due to the smaller screen size.

Does this make sense and fit with how you anticipated using Roon?

Quickly resolved:

Thanks Tony