Playing ROON in mulitple rooms at once

I have the following setup:

2 audio systems in separate rooms with a DAC in each connected by the ROONREADY devices from SONARE. Both systems are sourced lossless music from a ROON server. I have a wired network for the server and the SONARE endpoints.

I would like to play different streams of music in each audio system at the same time. I would in theory like to do this for more than 2 rooms. With the advent of speakers like the ACTIVE KEF LS50 I can see myself adding speakers into many rooms. I currently use an iPhone or Surface Tablet as a wireless ROON client. I do not want to have a client computer physically connected to my audio systems. That is the reason for the SONARE endpoints.

Are you asking if it is possible or just sharing that it is what you are planning to do ?

Either way you are good to go as Roon handles multi-room pretty well. Just group zones together if you want them to play in-sync or play different music in each zone.

Have fun.

What I described is my current setup. I was having issues playing 2 music streams, 1 to each room, at the same time. However, I just found the online ROON user manual and it seems what I want to do will work.
So, I will test this out more thoroughly in the morning when I can play music into both rooms.

Ok… your setup sounds ideal. You hopefully will find it easy to switch on/off when you need

What may be a bit confusing is that the Roon control apps can only control one Roon zone at a time. But you can switch the app between zones. For example, I have two zones, study and living. I can switch the control app to study, start something playing in my study system, then switch it to living, and start something different playing in my living room system.

Well, of course! Not being snarky, but I’m not sure how you can manage two separate streams on one app simultaneously unless you are thinking about some sort of Roon console. The zone switching works very well in my opinion and I can see adding a third and fourth zone to my home in the near future.

Just noting a function to do with Zones that people may not see straight away. On the Queue screen, when multiple Zones are available, there is an icon of two arrows crossing at lower right. This will swap the current Queue to a new Zone. You can stroll through your palatial mansion with your music following you, or queue up something on headphones and transfer it to speakers.

Thanks for all the help. This morning I installed ROON on a SURFACE PRO and I was able to access 2 streams at once. When I was having problems I was using an iPhone 6 to try and control the bedroom system. There must have been a glitch with that app because I could not control the bedroom system while the office played. Maybe the phone needs a reboot. I have not tried the phone since I got the Surface Pro to work.

The phone app functions a little differently.

To switch to another zone, the Zone Picker is accessed by tapping the volume icon on the bottom bar right. Then you should see a blue Switch Zone bar. Tap that to select another zone.

Cheers, Greg