Playing Roon on iOS Devices

I’ve just taken advantage of the offer to old users of the 14 day retrial.

Everything set up ok but have one question I would like help with please.

That is I’ve downloaded the Roon control App on my iOS devices and selected them as end points in the settings and everything playing ok.

However, when I want to switch to a new end point I only seem to be able to select an end from where the Core is installed that being my Mac Mini.

I can’t select a playing end point from the Remote App on my devices only if it’s been selected first on my Mac Mini where the Core is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Try Settings > Audio Settings for the iPad is it set as a Private Zone , then it can only be controlled from THAT iPad

I use my iPad as an end point via Bluetooth with no issues

What @Mike_O_Neill wrote. I have just added screenshots in another thread because it may not be completely obvious how to get there, maybe this helps:

Thanks Mike all sorted now and working fine.

Thanks for the help!

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Thanks very much for the help.

All sorted now and working fine.


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