Playing Sacd files device chromecast ultra

My library contains some sacd tracks.
When i play them i only hear noise.
Is ther a manner to hear the music
The chromecast ultra is connected by hdmi to my sony receiver .

When n i play the same tracks by VLC there is no problem.

Please post in the support category and fill in all the information you are asked for

Additionally: Please also include a screenshot of your signal path during playback of such an SACD track.

SACD but format WAV 44.1kHz 16 bit? What might actually be in it?
Please check the content of the files with another player, like for examle VLC, that gives good information about the codec in use.

Thanks for advice. I sm new to this platform. I hope that i now posted it correct

When i play the songs by VCL i can hear the music. Withourcany noice. I csnnot see the codec.

Tools menu Media information use the tabs or directly Codec information.

Codec DTS audio (dts)
Type Audio
Channels 3F2M/LFE
Sample rate 44100 Mhz
Bits per sample 32

Codec DTS audio (dts)
Type Audio
Channels 3F2M/LFE
Sample rate 44100 Mhz
Bits per sample 32

This is probably not supported by the ChromeCast:

Can you play these file(s) via other ways to your ChromeCast? Does it work?
As far as can be seen from the picture of your signal path, Roon doesn’t do any processing to the stream. So the issues likely stems from somewhere down the chain (ChromeCast or receiver).

You may have to re-rip or re-encode the compressed DTS to a supported discrete multichannel format, that should work.

[quote=“BlackJack, post:11, topic:201361”]

VLC can play the track to the same device. Without noice. So VLC has a correct codec for that format.

Yes, VLC has but Roon not. But Roon can pass-through the file(s) unaltered what, as I wrote above, seems to be the case for you. So there is no more that Roon can do for you. Down the chain are the ChromeCast and the receiver - one of those two devices seems to be unhappy with what it receives.

Ok. I understand this. Maybe Roon can do it like VLC in the future. Thanks for the answer.
Regards thijs Postma

Please add your vote to the corresponding feature suggestion to express your wish:

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I also wish to have the option for a decode for dts format

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