Playing Songs from Hard Drive (no streaming) Question

I lose Internet quite often as we live 20 miles out of town and my Internet is very unreliable. I have about 25,000 songs on my hard drive. Is there a simple way to only play music stored on my device (MacBook Pro) when the internet is down, and I am not able to stream? A setting or system selection I am missing? I’m very new to Roon, and sure its likely something simple.
Roon seems to slow way down when we lose internet, and I think its because it continues to search for my selection via Tidal or ??

You can point Roon to the storage on your device in “settings/storage”. It could even be an external drive that you hook up when the internet goes down. just disable and re-enable depending on the situation.
Here is some reading for you that might help:

It might also help to disable streaming in “settings/services” when the internet is down. I used to do this to limit searches to only my local file library when I was having issues with tidal not playing.

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Thank You! I will give that a try tonight!

Roon does need an ‘offline’ mode. Going into Settings is too clunky.