Playing stops at random with build 242

A few hours ago Roon updated to Version 1.3 (build 242) and since then I have random stops while playing music. Sometimes after say 3 minutes, sometimes after an hour. It’s like someone pushes the Pause button.
When I push the Play button, to music continues again.
I cannot remember I had this before.

I have restarted my router and the NUC with ROCK, but the issue stays. Most music is in FLAC format and is stored on a QNAP NAS. The NUC, NAS and router are connected via ethernet cables.

Kind of solved.
I have changed my network setup. Roon has now its own network range via a separate router. Up until now I have not seen any unwanted stops.

I’ve had a few random stoppages too. Restarted core and all was good. Too lazy to log a proper ticket at the moment…