Playing the music of …… Does anyone know if this exists in a search form?

On the Home Screen towards the bottom above Collabrations and Discover there is a section called “Playing the music of “ and every time you to the home page without using the back buttons on Roon a new artist will appear in that section. It seems to be random but could possibly be based upon your existing artists in Library??

Found some new artists recently by clicking on this section and felt that it would be a great search tool to find similar artists to those we love already.

Does anyone know if we are able to generate the list of tracks/artists by inputting our own selection of artist?

Apologies for tagging the following, however you guys seem to have a great handle on anything Roon

You can get the same “options” by going to the Artist/Overview then scroll down to the “Performing the music of…” area. Using this route allows you to specify influencing artist rather than via the home screen which generates a random artist (based on your collection).

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Many thanks. Will have a look now.

Can’t believe I haven’t noticed this before.

Actually I can, as Mrs Ferg would say “have a female look, not a male look”

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Roon is a complicated beast with quite a few functions that I’ve not used and no doubt some I’ve yet to discover :wink:


Indeed it is.

I’ve just found a few additional features to use just from looking through the whole artist info page, discography and then also adding Collaborations to queue and saving to a playlist from the queue.

Maybe someone from Roon Support could look at putting a library of short videos together of all the little features together so us short sighted, short of time, short of anything, can benefit.

Thanks again.

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Fergus I have seen this coming up, but really I am an album listener 90% of the time.
I will test it while at home and try and get a handle on it.

@Michael_Harris Similar here although maybe not as high as 90% but pretty close.

Really just using it to find similar artists and then listen to their albums.

My thought process is that if I like that band and then another band does a version (preferably not a cover, but a different interpretation maybe) then I’m perhaps more likely to find something that is right up my alley.

For example, that was how I found Flunk about 15-16 years ago as I was searching for New Order song Blue Monday.

So I normally do this by going into a bands profile and scrolling down and you get similar artists, and that has been good for my music discovery.

Plex has a really good feature where they perform Sonic analysis on your library and pick similarly sounding bands and that has been good for music re-discovery :roll_eyes: :grin:

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@Fergus_B Something I do for finding new music or albums to listen to is by clicking on an album and scrolling towards the bottom of page and looking through the recommended albums and similar artists.

Also, sometimes when the album is over I will have Roon Radio take over with the next song, if I like it then I will listen to the album. I have found some good music this way! Hope this helps, happy hunting :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Guys. Hopefully a little bit more knowledge on the engine won’t be too addicting!!

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Fergus so now I am home and catching up.
Yes I have seen this before, and yes it is always based on artist’s in my library (at least whenever I have noticed it).

I think I ignore it because I prefer listening to full albums.
Though I do think I should be more adventurous :roll_eyes:


Cheers Michael. I’ve just got up a little while ago and have got 3 new album listens in the queue already.

Going to spend a few days just listening to music not in my library. With this along with the excellent recommendations from the forum there will be no shortage of absolute quality I’m sure.