Playing to a Moon Mind2 device

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win10 - i5 4590(4cores) - 8gb ram - Roon 1.7 (511)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Simaudio Moon Mind2 streamer with Moon 350p preamp with D3 dac. All wired over Cat6

Description Of Issue

Roon does not change the input on my device to the streamer input. When I start playing music, the streamer, pre amp and amp turn on but it does not select the right output. It will leave it as it was when switched off so I have to manually change input on the pre amp. Is this normal behavior?

Just tried mine.Was on usb input but switched to mind input when music started with Roon Rock

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I can’t answer your specific question but when I had the MOON 390 in recently (streamer, DAC, pre) it did exactly what you want your setup to do - switched automatically to the network input whenever I played something in Roon. Have to say I’m missing it. First world problems and all that. My guess would be that it’s up to your two MOON items to sort it, not ROON, but as I say, it’s a guess.

When using the Moon app everything works as expected and changes input.
Seems to be hit and miss with Roon though. Strange

Hi @Francis_Vermette,

Can you please confirm you have the newest firmware versions on your Moon gear?

I do have the latest version or my Moon stuff yes.

Hi @Francis_Vermette,

Thanks for confirming you have the newest firmware available. I’m going to reach out to our hardware team to see if we can schedule some testing in the lab to try and reproduce this behavior.

Noris / Francis

I spoke to the UK distributor - see below. His first thought was firmware, but clearly that’s not the case. They are doing some testing as well - easier unless you have the same kit Noris. He suggests you raise it with MOON support Francis - where do you live?

There could be a case that he just has old firmware on his pre-amp, a 350P which could as much as 6 years old. The 350P is not network up-dateable but can be dealer updated as with most of our older models. All that said there could just a quirk of dialogue between the boxes as he has the stand alone MiND2 Network Player. As I said, we are testing now.

Hope this helps


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I’ll be in touch with Simaudio if Roon doesn’t find anything; I live in Quebec and have had to contact support recently as my D3 card was having issues. It was promptly replaced, fantastic service.
I purchased my 350p 2 weeks before they announced the 390 in 2018 and missed out as I was told that the 350p could only be upgraded to the 740 and not the 390 in their upgrade program :frowning:

I’ll do a few different scenarios at home and see if I can let you know if some work while others don’t.

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Yes you need to speak to the folks in Montreal then.

And don’t you just love new models being announced :frowning:


Yeah. Spend money on the streamer and the pre-amp with Dac only two weeks later the new stuff comes out and none of it eligible for their fantastic upgrade program.
Such is life :confused:

So my setup is.
Input D1 on preamp is TV and D2 is my Mind 2 streamer connected spdif
Whole system ; streamer, pre amp and amp connected with simlink.
windows pc with roon server(background). I also have the Roon app installed
on that device as well as my iPhone.
No matter what, if the input D2 was not selected when the system was turned off Roon will not change the input when I start to play music from either the computer or the phone.
From my phone I can turn off the system through Roon, and turn it back on but it still would not change the input.
Using the Moon Mind app, the correct input D2 will always be selected no matter what the pre amp was set to when powered off/standby.
Moon mind version is 1.05
Mind module version is 1.09
Both are up to date according to my app.

Hello Francis,

We have discussed this with Simaudio for you and here is a little feedback and a few suggestions from us.

  1. Although your MiND2 firmware is up to date your pre-amp firmware may be an older version. Please have your dealer check this. The 350P will need to be updated over RS232 using the MOON updater programme and tools that the dealer will have. This will not fix the issue but will prepare you for a fix as and when it is found.

2.Simaudio have agreed that there may be an issue and are looking deeper into. At the moment they are trying to identify if Roon need to be involved in the fix. With or without the Moon involvement they will try to find a solution.

Perhaps your audio dealer can speak with Simaudio and help keep you updated on the resolve, that is what we would do in the UK.

Any updates that we can find we will post on this thread. There will be other users out there that may run into this issue at some point so it is important all round that we all stay in touch.

Kind regards

John Carroll
For and on behalf of Loud & Clear Edinburgh UK, Scotland’s main MOON dealer
Renaissance (Scotland) Ltd, UK distributor for MOON by Simaudio

P.S. Thanks to Phil Wright for bringing this to my attention


My dealer is a couple hours from where I live. I could drive to Simaudio directly in about the same amount of time…
Would you know when the last update for the neo 350p was released? Knowing that and when I placed my order I could have an idea of the firmware currently installed on my unit and if it’s worth driving a couple hours just to check that.
I could also just purchase the cable and check at home if Simaudio makes the software available to users…


Hello Francis,

Living here on the island we are accustomed to be so close to everything!

As noted, a firmware update will not fix the issue at the moment. With that in mind please wait for Simaudio to finalise their testing.
I would suggest you give them a call and you can make some direct arrangements. Forums are great but nothing beats a direct call sometimes.

Let me know if i can help any further

Kind regards


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SImaudio have already contacted me. Truly great service!

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Hi @Francis_Vermette,

It looks like you’re on your way towards resolving the issue, do let me know if you require any further input from our end or if Simaudio is able to assist until the end. Thank you @Phil_Wright/@Edinburgh_Loud_Clear for putting @Francis_Vermette in touch with SimAudio!

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If there is anyone else out there that needs advice on MOON with Roon then feel free to point them our way.

Over and out!

Loud & Clear Edinburgh UK

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Just to let you know Simaudio have contacted me today letting me know they have found the bug and will be pushing out an update when it is fixed. I do not have ETA but it will be looked at.

Thanks to everyone for helping out. I think a mod can close this thread as I don’t think anything else needs to be said.