Playing tracks in reordered playlist

Maybe I’m missing something, but Roon does not seem to be able to play tracks in order of a reordered playlist. If I change the sort order of a playlist and start playing a track, it will play the playlist from that track in order of the default playlist sort order, not the changed sort order.

Am I missing something - is there some other way to reorder a playlist in order to play in a different order?

Hi @Yinka_Oyesiku

I think you should look at “sort and filter” as a browsing and informational feature.

Look at this screenshot, when you click on the settings icon, you get the possibility to add many more columns for sorting and filtering.
If you filter with some information (start typing text into one column header) your 100 song playlist could come down to one or two songs. So it’s not meant to define the playlist order.

Every row (song) in the playlist under the Track column has the icon of six dots in two columns, and this is used for drag-and-drop to sort your playlist. You can see that when you reorder some column or filter some column they disappear, because it doesn’t make sense to drag-and-drop in the list rearranged by ordering or filtering.

Hope it helps and happy drag-n-dropping, enjoy it and read some new info while doing it!

So you’re saying the only way to change the play order of a playlist is to manually move the playlist items?

If you insist on playing from playlist, I think the short answer is YES.

But, you could easily do what you want.

I’ll take some Commute Playlist.

For example, sort and filter everything you would like (in this example sorted by artist), than select all items you wish to play and after that you have options (Play, Add next or Queue).
Hope this helps!


I thought first that’s a bug.
Why on gods earth do I have to make this workaround to simply play a playlist in the displayed order?