Playing within queue

Hi, was wondering if this idea would be beneficial to others…I usually like to jump around playing different songs in my queue. The only issue is if I select Play from here, all the songs following the song I select gets added to the queue and the queue grows and grows. Would be great if I can just Play from here without appending the remaining songs to the queue. Anyone else have this issue and is there a workaround? Thanks!

“Play from here” executed in the queue doesn’t add anything to it.

ah yes, sorry I misspoke. I mean if I have songs in a queue and then go to a playlist and hit pay from here, then instead of clearing the queue and adding those new songs, it appends to the existing queue. Is there a way to clear the queue before adding the new songs?

Yes it does, but it should also skip whatever songs were waiting in the queue beforehand. Does it not?

Otherwise, don’t worry about the queue extending backwards, it doesn’t affect anything and is similar to a short term history with some selection options.

Hi, yes it skips the existing songs, however, the problem with adding to existing queue instead of replacing the queue is that the resulting queue becomes extremely long! Would be nice to have a play from here, replacing queue option.