Playlist and album and artist not available

Use Roon Nucleus and Chantal Chamberland is no longer available but is still readily available in Qobuz. Why? How to make available again?

She’s available for me. Maybe some details would be helpful. What exactly is missing for you

I see now why she is unavailable. My Qobuz is not being found by the Roon Nucleus. Qobuz is fine on computer and on the control iPad. I have rebooted Nucleus. Signed out of Roon and signed out of Qobuz but Roon is not finding it. It was all there and working fine but just disappeared? I have no idea what to do?

All my copied CDs are visible and accessible on the SDD attached to the Nucleus.

Sorry if silly question - you did sign out of Qobuz in the Roon app, rebooted the Nucleus, and signed in to Qobuz again?

yes even though I didn’t sign out of Qobuz originally, it just disappeared?

But are you still showing as logged in when you look in Roon Settings > Services > Qobuz? If yes, log out explicitly, reboot Nucleus, log back in

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No, silly me! I was not signed in! Did not remember doing that and not too literate in computers. Old folks—83 yers old! Thanks for your help, Suedkiez

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