Playlist Anomalies

I like creating Playlists and have found some anomalies.

Why is there such a gap when playing a playlist created in TIDAL, there must be about a 20 secs delay before the playlist starts playing. This does not happen when playing Playlists created in Roon.

Why when clicking on the + button when in a TIDAL Playlist to add to another playlist in Roon does it not show that that track is in the selected Playlist on the Album view (in blue letters)

Why when clicking on an Album title in a TIDAL Playlist does it not show that it’s in your Library, it still asks if you want to add to Library.

Would be interested what others have to say on these points and also what the Roon guys think and if there is a planned better integration with TIDAL on these points.

For point three, I want the choice as to just play an album or add it to my library.
There are many albums I may want to sample from curiosity but not add, and one extra tap for the choice is perfect. Chris

Chris, point 3 isn’t about playing without adding…that is fine already.

I think it is when you look at a Tidal album there is an option to “add to library” regardless if it was already added. It would be better to see “already in library”