Playlist anomaly

I’m slightly bemused by the left hand column in the playlist view, titled #. My playlists appear to have random numberings and I can’t work out the reason why. See the example below, where it jumps from 1 to 99.


Hi Peter,

It kind of looks like you’ve Filtered something. What happens if you click the Reset button?

Cheers, Greg

I did wonder if the reset button would help, but not actually sure what it does. No effect on the playlist.

And there is no filter being applied.



Hi Peter,

If you scroll down, do you see Tracks 2 through 98?

How many tracks are there in the playlist. Do you know if any tracks are missing?

Cheers, Greg

The numbering is similar in my playlists. But I know that the missing track numbers actually correspond to tracks that are missing. At the top of the playlist, for example, it says “13 of 26 tracks, 73 minutes.” Thus, I know that 13 of the tracks I originally put in the playlist are missing. This happened when I changed the location of the hard drive on my network and rescanned the drive and reimported the music. It actually imported all of my albums and tracks, but the playlists were screwed up badly. I’m not missing about half of the tracks in my 50 playlists, which I spent 8 years building. I have a separate thread here that is my own attempt at getting support from Roon: “Problems with Missing Music, Storage, and Importing in 1.3”

Hi Greg,

Tracks 2-98 are missing, but only from a numbering perspective. There are no missing tracks in reality. There are only 59 tracks in total, even though the playlist appears to believe there should be 158!


Hi Peter,

Let’s flag @support to have a look at this.

Cheers, Greg

I’m seeing same/similar behaviour - in the example below there are 2 missing tracks from the playlist (it even says 16 of 18 at the top of the window)

I suspect that I have removed the missing tracks from my library (e.g. Tidal tracks), and that the playlist has not automatically updated completely to reflect the changes. I haven’t hit reset as I’m also not sure what will happen - I don’t want to start again!

@support: Anything new on this topic?
I have the same problem with my playlists. Tracks missing, list shows f.e. 50 of 56 tracks.
I’m on build 204. No skipped files in settings view

Nothing new?

We’re tracking this internally – as soon as QA has reproduced the issue, we’ll get this fixed and scheduled to be released.

Don’t worry – we’re on it, and haven’t forgotten about this :slight_smile:


Hey folks, we spent some looking into this and so far we’re not able to reproduce.

Can everyone experiencing this issue let us know:

  • Does this happen with all playlists, or just some?
  • Are you seeing the “reset” button on all playlists, or just the playlists experiencing this issue?
  • Where are all the files in this playlist stored? NAS? TIDAL? Local storage? ITunes?

And finally:

  • For the playlists affected by this issue, can you confirm whether:
  • They are all playlists you created in Roon 1.2 or earlier
  • They are all playlists you created in Roon 1.3
  • They are all playlists created outside of Roon as M3U files
  • They are all playlists created outside Roon on TIDAL
  • They are all playlists created in iTunes and imported into Roon using the 1.2 “legacy” iTunes integration
  • They are all playlists created in iTunes and imported using the iTunes integration in 1.3
  • Some mix of the above (please specify)

@thompo @AE67 @Nick_Stamp @alwayslearning – can you guys let me know the answers to these questions and we’ll take another look at this?


Not all, maybe a third of all playlists

Only on playlists with missing tracks

All my playlists were created with Roon 1.2

Sorry, just added one more question :grin:

Local Storage. Same Windows 10 PC as Roon.

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Hi Mike,

Not all. New ones are fine, just as some of the older ones. About a third are affected.

Only on those with the incorrect numbering. Just to note, I’m not missing tracks on the playlist, I just have the incorrect numbering down the side.

They are all stored locally to the RoonServer machine, which also contains all the music files

They have been gradually built up over time, so prior to 1.2 as well. They have all been created in Roon itself.


In my case…

  • Occurs in just a couple of my playlists, but I only have 25 or so
  • Reset only present on playlists with the issue
  • Playlists were created within Roon and contain a mixture of my own tracks and tracks from Tidal

I created a test playlist of a handful of songs from my library (including tidal content) about a week ago, and I happened to check it this morning, and the numbering issue is now present.

The playlist contained the single ‘Soothing’ by Laura Marling, which I had added to my library from Tidal a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I purchased the new LM album containing this track, and added it to my library. I then deleted the single from my library in the usual way (as it is part of the album and I no longer need it).

The single has been removed from the playlist (presumably from when I deleted it from my library), but the numbering hasn’t updated to reflect the song’s removal.

Hope this helps - let me know if I can help further

Hey guys,

We have made some progress on this, and we have a general understanding of the issue and how to reproduce it. We are hoping to implement a fix soon, and the ticket is with our developers.

We’ll update everyone as soon as we have a firm ETA on a fix. Thanks for all the details reports, and thanks again for your patience all!

Hi. Is there a fix for that? I’m experienced the same issue!
How can I find with tracks are missing ? !
Maybe it’s because i removed all the TIDAL albums from my Library??!!