Playlist are listed as "unavailable" after a change in storage location

I’ve done some searching and it appears most of the playlists issues are far more complicated than mine. Since starting my Roon adventure a few years back, my playlists have grown to be cherished. Recently I upgraded my system to include a Synology NAS. Of course once I move my files, all of my playlists show the songs as being unavailable. Clearly these were associated with different file locations, but the music is still the same.

The question is simple…is there a way to salvage these without recreating them? Thanks all.

Hello @Ryan_Arnold,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. When you are moving your storage location it is always best to follow our Migrating Files Guide as to preserve your edits and access to the media. For step #6 in that guide, you would want to Edit the existing storage location using these steps:

Add the IP address of your NAS here, Username, Password and Workgroup (if applicable), you will want to set your NAS as a Reserved IP address in your router settings so that the IP address doesn’t change when the router reboots

Please let me know if you are able to follow these instructions or need clarification on any of the steps.