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If i make a playlist with tracks from TIDAL cobuz and my own library and some of those are not connected i can not play those tracks.
Roon do not replace tracks from the other source
Why not?

TIDAL and Qobuz remove releases from time-to-time. Therefore, these releases are no longer available to you, and won’t appear in your library or a playlist.

No that is not the problem
If i log out from ex Oubuz I can not play Qobuz tracks from playlist
Roon do not replace with tidaltracks

Why would it? You add a track from Qobuz it’s linked to Qobuz not Tidal.

When you add a track or album to Roon you are adding a specific release, not a generic track or album title, so when this release is no longer available, Roon can’t play it. Source is irrelevant here: if you were to delete a local track or album, how can you expect Roon to play it or replace it?

Well, it’s a reasonable question - “Why wouldn’t Roon try to find a different version of the track if it can’t get to a specific source?”. There are versions of this that tie into an architectural question about albums vs. releases vs. sources, so that for instance you might be able to have an album in your library for which you had no current sources, and when a source turned up it would automagically link in your library.

However, the short answer to the OPs question is “it’s acting as it’s designed to currently, where a track in your queue / playlist / whatever is tied to a particular version, and if you try to play a track and the selected version is not available, it just won’t play”. So you or I may not like it, but it’s not a bug.

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Personally, I wouldn’t want Roon to automatically replace one release with another. However, when a playlist track disappears, I would rather see the track marked unavailable rather than removed, so I may edit the playlist and restore these tracks.

At present, this is how things work, so it’s really not a #support question but the basis for an entry under #feedback:feature-suggestions.

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Then I know how to do
I Will make copies of the playlist not bound to any source
Simple solution if I need to restore playlist in the Future ex from tidal not using Qobuz vice versa

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You could Export the playlist to a file from Roon then import that file into and transfer it to the streaming service of your choice.
That playlist will later appear in Roon with all the music sourced to the same streaming service.

Edit: Maybe not literally all. Sometimes Soundiiz can’t match tracks and/or that track may not be available on a particular service.
But you get the idea.

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I use soundiiz but thougth Roon had built in to replace tracks if you live one of the two services availible …as a choice when needed

So why not let this be a feature in the Future

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