Playlist does not play in sorted order

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus Server - Roon Version 1.8 (build 814)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Internet passes through 2 gigabit switches - all ethernet connections to the Nucleus

Connected Audio Devices

HDMI to an Anthem MRX 1140 receiver

Library Size

17,559 tracks

Description of Issue

I sorted a playlist by Artist name. I started playing a track and then was expecting the queue to be in the sorted Artist’s order. It wasn’t. Looks like the queue is in the original order of the playlist. How do I get the playlist to play in the sorted order that I choose, whether it be by Artist, Album or any other column? What then is the purpose of doing a sort if it play in that order?

After sorting your playlist in the desired order, Close the playlist then reopen it that should work.
Similarly, if you remove tracks from a playlist they still play unless you close and reopen the list.

Nope - if you leave that playlist and come back, the sort choice is gone. You have to re-sort again.

Interesting, something strange happening then, I just manually sorted a small playlist (16 tracks) went back to the playlist menu, then reselected the same list and it had retained the new sort order. (I’m using an iPad pro 12.9 as client to windows 10 core).

How are you sorting your playlist?

If one sorts by clicking on the column header, then that Sort is not persistent.

OTOH, there is nothing in the KB article that implies it should be. There is an additional section that talks about reordering tracks and that is done by manually moving the tracks using the drag handles.

Agree with @Eldon_Doucet. What is the purpose of a Sort? Not only is it not persistent across invocations of the playlist, but one can’t put the playlist on the queue in the chosen sorted order.

More Roon UI quirkiness, a bug, or a needed ‘Feature Suggestion’?

That’s my method, the only one i’ve used successfully, column sort has only ever been useful for as a temporary sorting method to help find items.

Yeah, but that’s what the filter icon should be used for.

Being a mere mortal, I’ve never understood Roon’s decisions in some parts of the UI.

Shuffle (which is just a randomized sort) is persistent across queues, an entity which is temporary by its nature .While Sort inside a playlist, something that is permanent, is not.


Thanks for the report, @Eldon_Doucet. I’ve passed a ticket to our QA team about this. Thanks for the feedback!

FYI … Raised the same issue… in 2017