Playlist folders

(Paul) #9

Yes, i know about filtering (not hitting slash though, thanks for that).

With abandoning iTunes and entering ROON I was (and still am) (re-)considering what’s the best way of categorising my music collection. Tagging is almost perfect (I miss the operator AND in focus, when searching for tracks i.e. tempo Up + Electronic I get both instead tracks tagged Up + Electronic) and browsing that way is great.

Using software for years creates habits hard to break. Maybe renaming playlists and using filtering is an option, I’ll try it.

(Danny Dulai) #10

you can also tag playlists and then browse tags…

later we will extend this is even more crazy ways.

How do you Roon?
Boolean AND in a tag search?
(Paul) #11

I’ll wait & see what’s coming, thanks for answering.

(As a side note: the interference and appearance of the team in topics is fantastic)

(Rajesh Khanna) #12

I have many playlists. Similar to itunes, I would like the ability to create folders within my playlists so that I have fewer playlists to go through. For example, if I want 100 playlists, it would be easier if I can make 5 folders and then have 20 playlists within each folder. Is that possible in Roon?


(Paul) #13

Unfortunately not. I do hope it will be added someday.

Playlist Feature Request
(Nishan Pillay) #14

Hi Guys,
I would really love the ability to create playlist groups.For example all my jazz playlists under a JAZZ category …or my audiophile playlists under AUDIOPHILE.

Is this possible at present … I’m new to roon but can’t figure out how to do this.


Is it possible to get a folder view of music on my NAS?

(Paul) #15

hi @Nishan_Pillay,

There is a request for playlist folders.

But you can add a tag (i.e. PLAYLIST: jazz of PLAYLIST: audiophile) to various playlists. In the Tag overview you can through the funnel type PLAYLIST: jazz and create a bookmark. This way you can create a quick entry to all your playlists within the jazz category.

No folder view possible in ROON and please don’t mention folder view, :wink: again.
On the ROON community forum.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #16

I wasn’t aware you could type that word into the forum…

(Paul) #17

Folder view is slooowwly transforming to

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #18

I haven’t seen that in a long time. Love Fawlty Towers. love John Cleese! And a silly walk as well!

(Nishan Pillay) #19

thanks for that - lots of typing to do !

(Daniel Margoliash) #20

So this was a discussion started in Sep 17, and has been requested in various ways on various forums since (my recent post tries, I guess unsuccessfully, to explain the need), and still no solution. Tags, focus, and so on are not a substitute for traversing a hierarchically organized tree. This is basic CS. The UI can be minimally impacted, compare the playlist space in iTunes with the available playlist space in Roon. (btw please don’t think I am promoting iTunes, ugh, but hierarchical playlists they got right, very right.) And the most basic feature of any UI should be to allow the user to do what s/he wants. Each individual’s organization of playlists is a manually curated labor of love, reflecting exactly how that individual wants to access his music. (And has essentially zero metadata errors; “essentially” because there will be some user errors, of course, but those get corrected over time.) Additional approaches are welcomed, but why kill the most compelling way some of us gain access to our music? Others could completely ignore it, using the UI the same way as before.

(Paul) #21

I can’t see why it would create an “organizational mess of UI”, playlist folders.
I have about fifty tags, that is not a brilliant view either.

It is an old post indeed and I am still waiting for the “crazy things to happen with (half baked) tags”.

Overall, I lost interest in posting suggestions because - even really good suggestions of a lot users about UI, Tags, Box sets - are not used.

(Daniel Margoliash) #22

Yah, I get that.

(Rob OK) #23

I would really use every day, every session, folder groupings of playlists. I hope this happens!

(Paul Graham) #24

I’d love a way of better playlist organisation too. Something visible and browsable as my memory isn’t great to remember search terms of tags etc. and such filtering adds considerable overhead in library management.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #25

This applies to more objects than just playlists. The same could be said for bookmarks, tags, etc.

Tagging tags helps organize, and tagging playlists could be the same, but not as straightforward as a type of folder organization.

I think as a general matter, Roon is allergic to folders organization of any sort.

(Paul) #26

I gave it some time James, but can’t get used to it, it’s a messy view with horizontal scrolling.

Folders :smirk: for bookmarks would be great too, I stopped creating new ones to prevent long scrolling lists.

(Daniel Margoliash) #27

That seems to be the fundamental problem. As best as I can tell, it is a Roon design philosophy that for some reason is sacrosanct.

(Daniel Margoliash) #28

I believe I may have answered how to do this in my recent post? Or did you mean an internal organization mess (of the software).