Playlist for albums

Please add the capability in the playlist to add whole albums instead of tracks where you only have to display one icon for the entire album. Thanks.

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Is this a ‘display only’ feature? What utility does it add to the Playlist?

This is already available on the Album screen and Album browser. I prefer to use a custom tag.

The utility feature is that you would able to play an entire album in your playlist instead of an individual track and the display feature would be cleaner as you would only have the album appear instead of each individual track.

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but not in the playlist is all I am saying

@Martin_Webster can you explain how you got the view you are showing?

If I go into a playlist that I created out of a whole bunch of albums, all I can see are the individual tracks

I created a custom tag then Selected all the albums and added to tag. I then access this view from the tags browser and can add all albums to the queue in one go (with shuffle if I like.)

Tags can be applied to track or Album.

I would really like to see album based playlists as well. It is a very convenient way to make some subcollections of your collection. I also think you would please all the people who are still asking for a directory viewer. Let us just put all albums from one directory in an album playlist with the same name the directory had and be done with it.
Yes I know a lot can be done with tagging but this is different. I pretty much hate the tagging system because it is used as a workaround for about everything that Roon is lacking wich makes it a total mess to use. Besides I like to keep the track listing in the album view as lean as possible and not filled with tags of all sort.


Hello same for me, i would really love to see full albums in the playlist. My need is that i created a playlist of the albums i would like to listen, in order i can put the albums from tidal or qobuz. Today the playlists are showing the tracks but not possible to find an option to consolidate the view by album in order to read the full album easily.