Playlist Function no longer works

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus, current system, Version 1, build 175, stable, Serial # 94C6911CFDD3

Apple router connected by Ethernet cable

Audioquest USB cable to SMSL dac to Emotiva pre/pro

Playlist function is not working after six months. When I select Play Now, the first selection on my playlist plays fine, then repeats endlessly. I pause, then select next file manually. Works, but around the 10th or so file, system will not lock on to next file, constantly searching. Same results from hdd library and qobuz. I have reinstalled the Roon OS and Server Software to no avail.

Any ideas? Thanks

You haven’t got loop playback selected by mistake have you?

Well, I hope not, but I did a complete reset and the problem is gone, at least for now. Had the loop setting been engaged accidentally, the reset fixed it. Thanks!

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