Playlist Functions Request

Easier editing of playlists would be nice. Presently, a single or group of songs can be dragged within a playlist a few places up or down. But when hundreds of songs are in a playlist it is tedious to move very far.

Since a group can presently be selected, a next step in convenience would be to have a right click option (or menu) to ‘cut’ and later ‘paste’ the selection. This would make moving a selection of songs to different parts of a large playlist much easier. (A manual “Save” would also be appropriate to use immediately before such a cut and paste operation.)

Second, it would also be nice to have the “loop” (repeat) option for a single track, a selection of songs within a playlist, or for the entire playlist.

Third, a clearly defined ‘export’ and ‘import’ of each playlist would be convenient and reassuring also with the manual “Save” mentioned above.

Isn’t that a function of the play queue not the play list?
The play queue already has loop once/loop indefinitely (and shuffle) feature.

If the suggestions are for Playback, then they might get better traction in the thread devoted to Playback suggestions.