Playlist import?

I have an Aurender A10 connected to my network functioning as DAC/Streamer/Server and have an m3u playlist setup in it’s Conductor app which I’d like to be able to set up in my Nucleus + as a watched folder, so I can play it through the N+. Playlist is composed of music streamed from Tidal HiFi and music located on the Aurender A10 internal HD. I have already moved all the same music that’s on the A10 HD to the 2TB SSD internally mtd in the N+.

I have a MacBook Pro 2017 , 8GB mem, running OS 10.13.6 running the latest V of Roon connected to my network via wifi. I can see in Finder, (when I click Go, connect to server, A10-004555) the path to the playlist and it appears to be: A10-004555/Music1/backup/playlists/system evaluation music.m3u

There doesn’t appear to be any way to drag and drop this to a 2nd finder window showing the N+. It appears that the only way to add this to watched folders is to identify the path after clicking on Settings, Storage, + add folder, Add Network Share, then enter the location (identified above). But that doesn’t work.

Both the N+ and the A10 are both connected to the network through an enet cable into an airport extreme which is connected via enet cable to my Time Warner cable router. No problems with network and speed is good.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Jim_Hench ---- Thank you for the post and the question! Both are appreciated!

In order for Roon to be able to import an M3U file, the file must be in the same watch folder as the media that makes it up. Which is why just pointing Roon at the M3U file will not import it as expected.

Can you open the referenced M3U file in notepad and share the path for the first track that makes up the playlist and then share the path to where that same file is located on your system?


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