Playlist in Roon but not in Qobuz

In am starting to build some playlist in Roon - alle based on Qobuz (no local files):

When I am home, I will use the Roon playlist.

But when I am away, I would use Qobuz. But the is no sync on playlist created in Roon and Qobuz. It is empty:

The sync based on Albums is working fine.

Have I missed on some settings?

Struggling with the same here. I think you have to create the playlist in Qobuz and then add your songs from Roon. It will then store your added songs to the playlist in Qobuz and not locally in Roon. Roon will sync with Qobuz each time you make a change to your playlist, and the other way around when you add a song to the playlist from Qobuz directly. So that should also make it accessible when on the road.


Roon local playlists made with Qobuz tracks do not appear in qobuz.

Your right - That way it works. Just did a small test. Playlist in Qobuz do show up in Roon - but not the other way around

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That is disappointing :frowning:

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You can synch them by exporting the playlist and using soundiiz to import to qobuz.

Playlist in Roon are not for one service they allow you to mix and match from Qobuz, Tidal and local files so they are not designed to sync back. Playlists in Roon belong to Roon and Roon only. As Ged has said you can export them out of Roon and use Soundiiz to import them. Qobuz added support for importing from Soundiiz recently but it may be limited from other services and a one off not used it myself.

THX - but paying for another service - No thanks.

Sorry - I think it is disappointing, that there is no solution, when one is way from home.

It doesn’t cost anything to do it if you set up Soundiiz first from qobuz app as you get a limited version for free. Export playlist from Roon to Soundiiz format. Then import this into Soundiiz then transfer it to’ Qobuz

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Took a minute to do and it’s free. If you go in Qobuz app settings you have an option to transfer music set it up and your all set. Just did it myself to test.

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THX :slight_smile: I did a test - it works. But you will have do this manual every time the are some changes in the Roon playlist.

Yes you would. Better than nothing. Remember Roon playlists use more than one source in them they are not qobuz only playlists Roon doesn’t use the qobuz api to make qobuz ot tidal specific playlists they are for Roon. I guess they never figured users would go back to use the native Apps from Roon.

I make all my Roon playlist using Qobuz linked files. Then, I use Soundiz to export them to Qobuz, Tidal, and Apple Music. Soon after, they will show up in Roon as playlist from Qobuz and Tidal. So, I have three copies of every playlist in Roon. They are Qobuz, Tidal, and local.

Click the three dots ICON out to the right of the playlist you want to export.

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Sorry, cannot find any soundiiz export option on my ipad.
Looking at soundiiz help it says it could be exported to excel when selecting all songs in the playlist first, but cant find that option either, any help pls?

You export playlist from desktop app not sure its supported on iPad. Roon can export a Soundiiz formatted csv which just imports in.

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