Playlist in Roon, Qobuz, Tidal, Apple Music, and Audirvana

I just made a large playlist in Roon and used TuneMyMusic to transfer it to Qobuz.

Before today, I had not fooled with playlist. I decide to make a playlist with all the Beatles recordings. I already have all their albums linked in Qobuz and Tidal, so I was careful to use only Qobuz tracks in the playlist. I included 216 tracks.

I decided it might be handy to have the playlist available in Qobuz, so I exported it from Roon to a CSV file. Then, I opened TuneMyMusic and imported the file. I exported the playlist to Qobuz. I just tried it in Qobuz and the first track of 216 started playing OK.


So, I realized I had 11 duplicate tracks. I deleted them from the playlist, uploaded to CSV, and sent to Qobuz. Piece of cake. I love it when things work as expected.

By the way, when I was deleting the 11 duplicate tracks this morning, I somehow managed to mess up my playlist. So, I did a Roon database restore from last night’s backup. It worked as expected with no issues.

Also, works with Apple Music and Tidal, all 216 tracks.

EDIT: And since I exported this playlist to Qobuz and Tidal, it’s now working in Audirvana.

Good to know you can export to Tidal and others. Love that they can be portable, i.e. accessible from a phone while on the move.