Playlist inconvenience

Having tried many media players for Hi-Rez DSD recordings (inc. DSD512), I found Roon a far superior music player. However, not a “streamer”, but instead, one who prefers to listen only to my huge library, I find the Roon “Playlist” ridiculously awkward to use. At present, I currently have over 3,000 tracks in my playlist, but if I want to place one or many tracks (such as an entire opera) somewhere in the middle of my playlist, I have to drag it from the very bottom of the list, ONE TRACK AT A TIME! Sometimes there are up to 100 tracks to a big Cantata by Bach, so imagine how long it would take! Why can’t we just “drop” tracks into our playlist (like most other music players) wherever we want, without having to spend an afternoon moving one track at a time?

3,000 tracks in a playlist, wow !

Why so many ?

What does it matter if the playlist contains 3000 or 100 tracks?.. The idea is that if you add another 100 tracks and you don’t want them to be at the end of the playlist, then you have to manually move them one by one.
The same inconvenience is when editing the Queue.

If you want a different behaviour then create a post in Feature Requests.