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Sonic Transporter I5 v2.7 Roon Server Version: 1.7 (build 667) stable

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Hooked up via Ethernet cable to a SoTM SMS-200 streamer back to a T-2600 Wifi Router back to a Synology Diskstation

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Schiit Yggdrasil

I was chatting with support over email and for some reason they told me to post here.

The IP of my NAS changed and now all the tracks in my playlists that were on that NAS show unavailable. Of course, they are really there, but the link has been broken. Tidal tracks still show up fine and are playable in the playlist. Is there anyway to re-sync these playlists so they find the file again on the NAS? I don’t really want to change the IP back, cause its kinda been too long, and if I change it again, mor stuff will go missing. Note: I can see the NAS and play files off of it no problem. It’s just that when the IP address changed, the items in my playlist that were referencing files on the NAS are now showing as unavailable. I can delete them out of the playlist and re-add them fine… NAS based files in the general Overview view or else ware are fine and playable

What I’d like to do is fine a way to re-link these “unavailable” files without having to go though this manual process hundreds of times.


Hi @James_Moore,

To start, can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage so we can see how your watched folders are configured?


Hi Dylan. Thanks for your help. Here ya go!

Hi @James_Moore,

It looks like instead of removing the old IP or editing it, you added a second watched folder for the new IP. If you add the same location twice like this Roon will re-import the media fresh instead of migrating the existing entries to the new location.

Do you have a backup from before this occurred?

Hi Dylan

Thank you,

Yes. The auto backups are on, but for only 25 days - though they are in my Dropbox, so I suspect backups of them are in there to be recovered. The trouble is, I don’t remember when I did the change, only that I know for sure it was more than 25 days ago - Is there a way that the backups are referenced to an IP address and is there a way to view some bit of data that would ID a backup via one IP vs another?

What do you suggest my next steps should be to recover from my (I guess) rookie mistake , or is that possiable?

Hi @James_Moore,

Without backups, unfortunately it will be a more difficult process, but I think we can try this:

Would you be able to change your NAS’ IP address back to This way it can match up with the previous watched folder and then you can remove the new one. We can confirm that this worked and then if you want to change the IP address you can do so while following these instructions.

Before doing this, I highly recommend making a backup, just to be safe. If you have any questions please let me know!

Hi Dylan. I moved he IP back and set it as static. All seems good now! I did have to restart the roon service on the core, but that all went fine. Thanks for all your help. Lesson learned. Jim

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