Playlist limits?


Are there playlist limits in ROON? All my playlists function fine with the exception of my “All” list, which has over 2700 items in it. When playing this large list, the user interface does not keep up (all devices). It does not show the queue or progress and seems frozen, but the music plays and indexes to the next piece. This is a new phenomena with the past two versions as past versions seemed fine.

  • ROON version 1.3 build 234
  • iPad pro 9.7
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • Macbook Pro with intel Core i7, 16gb (late 2011)
  • Sonic Transport bought fall of 2016
  • microRendu bought fall of 2016
  • Ayre QB-9 DSD capabel dac

We can do some testing here and see if we can reproduce – 2700 items in a playlist is a lot, but I would be surprised to see this didn’t work, since we know the track browser can support hundreds of thousands of tracks.

As an aside, whats the reasoning for this playlist? As opposed to just going to the tracks browser and just pressing play?

Mike… thanks for the response. The list is essentially my library, minus my holiday music. Sometimes I just like to let it play random through the whole library. Maybe there is a better way to accomplish this?

Also, more testing here revealed it is indeed a prob with all my playlists, with any of my apple devices. Everything works right after cold start, but after the device sleeps it loses connection with the UI except to forward or go back a track.

Apple issue with this build maybe?

Thanks again for the help!

Mike… this weekend confirmed i am unable to connect to and control ANY function in my library on the Sonictransporter. I have rebooted and restarted multiple times now. I no longer even get the Lost Connection message, just a blank screen with a grey square with the pulsing Room emblem usually is.

I cannot remember the last time i was able to open Roon and listen, with any control. If this cannot be fixed I will have to cancel the remainder of my subscription and find another solution. When it worked i loved it and happily signed up, but as i said, with the last two or three releases i have lost all control except just indexing the next unknown song. Please give me my Roon back!

A few people have created “all library” playlists to get a better random playlist. Play all tracks, to us users, seems to favour tracks whereas the all library playlist drags up the depths of the collection.
My All Tracks has 29878 tracks in it and the display certainly has a lag :grinning:
It also took a long time to create initially, I thought it hadn’t worked it took so long,

Thanks ged… then there’s hope! Mike, more info from my continued efforts. After a cold boot today I have been playing all my other playlists, selected by artist, album and built new playlists… all with total control and NO issues! Yea! I have yet to try the big playlist, and probably won’t until late tonight in case it locks the system up again. I wonder if attempting to engage the large playlist is the reason the system locks up on me.

Other info: Late last night, I rebuilt all the software and all my MacOS an iOS units and re-booted everything in the chain. I don’t think i ever mentioned my network config: Motorola modem > apple airport router > TPLInk (via the house electrical) to the microRendu.

Enjoying my Roon for now and we’ll see what happens with i try the large playlist later…