Playlist - Local files versus streaming service

I must been doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Currently I have to maintain to sets of playlist due to the fact that I prefer local tracks over streaming tracks. Why? because when I create a playlist with a local track to a Qobuz playlist it adds the track from Qobuz. When playing the track it is not the local track.

It there smart way to fix this problem, so I don’t have to maintain 2 sets of playlist.

I must be doing something wrong :slight_smile:



Qobuz is not aware of your local tracks in Roon. So it is completely normal that Qobuz selects the track form its own database.
If you happen to have a special track that you know, is not available at Qobuz, you can easily test this.

If you prefer local tracks, why do you need to update and maintain the Qobuz playlist? Just maintain the local one and use ARC when you’re away from your Roon server.