Playlist no longer present

What are the possible reasons that a playlist is no longer available? Tidal and or local. Except when I delete them from myself. But I don’t have.

Hey @Michael_Schultze,

Sorry to hear about the trouble with your playlists and to hear about it so late. I am so sorry for the extreme delay in getting back to you :pleading_face:

Your playlists shouldn’t simply disappear, unless, of course, as you mention they are deleted. One possible reason for playlists not to show up is, for example, if you log in on a different Core without restoring your database or, if you’re logging in with a different account. Would any of the two be possible in your case?

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Hello Rebeka,

hmmmm, I have another core. The songs from the playlist were all from Tidal. So you are under the belief that these entries will remain there. With Spotify I think this is well solved

Anyway, is too late now anyway

Hey @Michael_Schultze,

I believe we’ve been in touch on another thread. The offer still stands :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can keep up… I only respond to the link in the Banchrichtigungen (email) … and there I then answer :slight_smile:

I already have a subscription for a year, don’t I?

Yes you do!

:woman_facepalming: the mistake is all mine. I apologize.

If you’d like to work through this, we’d love to continue helping. Do the playlists show up on any of the two Cores you have? Can you see the playlists in TIDAL? If you see them in TIDAL, are they favorited (the heart icon next to the Playlist title, is it full)?