Playlist not importing? [Answered]

Roon Core Machine

mac mini, fast enough i7?, big enough 16GB?

Networking Gear & Setup Details

juniper and ubiquiti, most switches are ubiquiti, all signals via wired enet

Connected Audio Devices

lumin, usb, chord dacs, 2go network node, 2 transporters, etc.

Library Size


Description of Issue

exported xml of two playlists from iTunes. put in folder called ‘playlist exports’ in the root level of my library folder that roon scans. had it rescan. don’t see these playlists in the playlist section of roon. i haven’t tried moving the xml files to the root instead of inside the above noted folder… assuming that’s not the issue. thx

Hi @dtich ,

I have copied + pasted the relevant information below!

In there is still an option to export the whole library instead of a separate playlist:

You should choose this option, the name this exported file iTunes Music Library.xml and save this file in iTunesMedia folder:

There is already a file with such name (based on one of your screenshots), so you should choose to replace in the appeared dialog window:

Then once Roon picks up on the new iTunes Library.xml, all of your Roon playlists should be imported. Please let me know if this helps!

thank you. not sure what screenshots you’re referring to, i only posted the ‘404’ error page… which it looks like you deleted?

anyway, is the purpose of the walk through you posted just to update the modified date on the iTunes lib file so roon rescans? it would be helpful to know why you are telling me to do this.

also, i am still on iTunes app on the server, not music app, but i can get the file to update if that’s the goal.


i didn’t have that file in the music folder, but i did the equivalent on, which created one, and that worked. and i thank you.

so, when i add to the folder when i next import music files but this new itunes lib.xml file doesn’t update (cause i manually created it as there wasn’t one in there originally) will that keep roon from seeing the new imports? or will roon simply rescan the folder and add as usual? thx a lot

Hi @dtich, unfortunately, newer macOS versions don’t automatically update the XML file, so future changes won’t automatically sync. You’d need to export the XML again to update the playlists.

thanks for the reply; let me make sure i understand - playlists won’t update without re-exporting the lib file, correct?

but, in general, added music to the library folder will automatically update?


Yes, that is correct. New music in the watched folder will import like normal.

:heavy_check_mark: .

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