Playlist Organization Options

I have a lot of playlists. I wish i could group or order them. Some are “Chill”, some are “Indie”, some are “Classical”, some are “Jazz.”

As presented it is one long list. When i open, i generally have an idea of what kind of music i want to listen to but don’t really want to scroll the whole list to scrutinize what’s available in the kind of music i am looking for.



Request is still relevant so giving it a bump.

Also would be good to be able order from “last in” and other like choices.

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Any progress???

Still no options for playlists. Should we stop asking?

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Agree! We need to be able to place playlists within user assigned categories and adjust the order of playlists within each category. Should be easy for our super talented development team.

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I have over 150 Playlists saved. It’s a bit unruly.

Is there anyway to organize them in ANY way other than the most recent listed first?

ie. In folders, such as alphabetically, or genre, year released, etc. ?

Anything would be very helpful.

Also it would be great if the “shuffle” feature could work within or across many ( or any) playlists selected.
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