Playlist Password

I’d like the option for each playlist to have a lock option to require a password.

I wonder if that would be more effectively covered by Roon leveraging the user profiles which exist but are largely useless?

No idea but certainly would be nice if @danny could comment on the idea.

Wow, I would hate my play history to be littered with Raffi and the Frozen soundtrack… Luckily this is all relegated to my daughter’s profile.

What’s your use case for this? It seems like a complex feature to get correct for multiple use cases and it’ll be useless unless it is “just right”.


My use case is that each playlist can be locked from others that use my devices. We all make playlists and it would be nice to be able to just lock (password required) to access some of the playlists.

I’m looking for a reason of why, or what you are trying to accomplish by locking out people from playlists. It’s clear to me what the feature you’ve asked for does, but it’s not clear to me why one would desire it.

We focus on intentions and goals when designing Roon, so it’s important to understand the reason behind the feature.

To simply hide music that might not be appropriate for the whole house to listen to at that time. We often play music trivia!

That’s a pretty specific and unusual use case. Besides, locking a playlist wouldn’t make the tracks inaccessible, it would just lock someone out of using a playlist.

I’d like to see profiles be PW protected though. Then different users could not edit or modify the tags or playlists of others. One step closer to a read only mode (which Roon desperately needs), And I think that would -probably solve the use case well enough for locked playlists as well.

That’s great Danny, but you know it’s only the beginning of what could be done re kids. I’m sure you have a list of the possibilities way beyond what we can think of. (I for one want: separate libraries including that her Tidal adds are not in my library; users tied to remotes - that iPad is always that user; removing or limiting editing possibilities for some users; ect ect ect).