Playlist points to NAS but files were moved to an internal drive

pretty simple. I have some large playlists that point to files on my NAS. I want to shut down the NAS and start using an SSD internal drive for file storage. So the playlist is looking for the files on the NAS… how can I get it to see the files on the SSD instead? It would take a long time to rebuild the playlist so hoping there is a way to avoid that… thanks

Most playlist files (like *.m3u and *.m3u8) are simply text files and can be opened with a simple text editor (like notepad in Windows) and you can replace the old path name with a new pathname. Every music track is on a separate line.

For instance if your old library on the NAS points to ‘\\NAS\Music’ (or something similar) and your new SSD is ‘D:\Music’ you can auto-replace all the occurances of ‘\\NAS’ with ‘D:’ with the help of your text editor and you should be fine. Make a backup of your playlist files first, because mistakes are easily made!
This works only if the rest of your directory structure is identical, otherwise you have to change all the path names in the play list files by hand (which is a lot of work).
Therefore, if you copy your music files from your NAS to your SSD it is advisable to keep the directory structure the same.

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I understand, but where does Roon store them? I can’t find the Roon playlists so I can’t edit them… thanks

I think ones created in roon are stored in the database. You have to export them to get a file. I use either Soundiiz or Excel and build a playlist from there. If you choose the m3u option it will also copy all the music from that playlist to the save location in addition to the file.

My fears were unfounded…

I moved my Core to a new server and moved the files to a new drive. When I added the new drive as a storage location the playlists somehow found the files and updated the location. all good


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