Playlist Problems - Any ideas?

Hi folks,

i’m a new Roon User since ~10 days.
Overall i like it very much.

But last weekend I run into playlist problems?!

  1. A Roon Playlist was playing. I’m adding some tracks. The new tracks are recognized in the playlist well.
    But the new tracks wasn’t played during playback. It were ignored and it plays random titles (Radio function) after the last title from the initial playlist.
    Same problem with moving tracks in the playlist during playback. Roon ignores everything.
    It plays the initial playlist only.

  2. Why it is possible to add the same song more than 1 time to a playlist without getting a notification about that?

Thank’s in advance


If you press play on a plaist then the tracks are added to the queue which is “live”. If you add tracks once it’s playing the tracks only get added to the playlist not the queue.

The oy way to see duplicates is to toggle the duplicates switch on the playlist. It’s annoying.

Thanks Man.
Not a perfect solution in my eyes, but ok. I have to live with it.