Playlist Problems

I am using Windows 10 on my PC. I was using a Drobo, which put all of my files under D:/My Music.

I just purchased two 6tb drives and split my files on the two hard drives, so they are now under F:/My Music 1 and G:/My Music 2. I went into settings and disabled the D:/My Music and added the new hard drives.

The music itself transferred over just fine, but the playlists did not. The titles are there, but most of the playlists are empty. I am assuming this is because of the difference in the paths. I hoped Roon would take care of the problem, but evidently not. Other than going in and manually editing my playlists, what else can I do? I have a couple of hundred playlists; all of them being anthologies that point to different folders in the two hard drives; i.e., Best Of The 60’s…

Okay, here is what I tried. I manually made changes in a couple of playlists in my My Playlists file that Roon is watching. I changed each playlist to point to the current drive and folder and did a force rescan. After the force rescan, I rebooted Roon.

Made no difference. When I go to My Playlists under Roon, the changes are not being made at all. The playlists that did not show up at all still did not show up. The playlists that were under Roon and said “0” files also did not change.

What more can I do?

Hi @John_Hill ----- Thank you for the feedback and sharing what you’ve tried thus far to get your playlists into Roon. The insight is very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would like to have you verify some information for me so can try and determine what is causing this behavior. Please see below.

  • Where did you create these playlists?

  • Can you please share a screenshots of the “Edit Storage Location” window of your watch folders containing the mentioned playlists.

  • As stated in our knowledge base, in order for an M3U file to be imported into the following must be in place:

  • Tracks from other watched folders will be ignored - tracks can be stored anywhere in the watched folder where the M3U is stored, but the contents of an M3U playlist cannot span multiple watched folders.

  • If you have moved your media or your M3U file, or if you think M3U is being ignored by Roon, you should open the M3U in a text editor and confirm that the path for a given song matches the path for that track displayed in Roon.

  • If you have a playlist stored in a folder with an album, and that playlist is simply a listing of the album’s tracks, it will be skipped.