Playlist questions again

Sorry if this has been solved before.
Sometimes, while in ROON I can add music to a playlist and the songs thereafter show in Tidal and then also in A+. But not always.
What´s the recipe to make this happen? Takes too long time to make a nice playlist in ROON that maybe/maybe not shows in TIDAL and A+
Today I can NOT make it work, on the other hand I can delete a TIDAL Playlist while in ROON, and it´s been deleted from TIDAL also…
And how do I combine two Playlists into one?
Thanks guys KnockKnock

Hi @KnockKnock,

This KB article sets out information about Playlists.

I’m not aware of being able to add music to a TIDAL playlist in Roon without making a local copy. Can you take some screenshots of how you are doing that ?

To combine two playlists into one I add one to the other (Select All and 3 dots/Add to Playlist) and delete the first Playlist (if wanted).

Hi Andy
I don´t know how and why it worked the other day. Now it doesn’t.
Now I cannot even see tracks added to local Roon playlist in Tidal, strange…
best KnockKnock

In the KB article you write :“A playlist you created in Tidal will be removed from your Tidal account.”. Is that true? Strange…

That’s what happens when you delete a Tidal Playlist in Roon which is not a local copy. Roon only knows about the Playlist because it’s in Tidal. A delete command affects the Tidal Playlist. Similar functionality to favourites.

I’m trying to think of a use case where someone might want the Playlist to remain in Tidal but hide it from a profile in Roon. Would that be useful to you ?

No i won’t use that, but I’d like my Roon playlist to appear in Tidal (and A+).
But the sentence “A playlist you created in Tidal will be removed from your Tidal account” does not make sense, please read it again.
Best KnockKnock

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One problem is that a Playlist in Roon may include local music, so can’t simply be transferred to Tidal. Sounds like it could be worth a feature request though.

I’m not seeing the problem with the sentence.

When you tell Roon that you want to delete a Global Playlist imported from Tidal it warns you that you will be deleting it in Tidal.

Yes I understand, that would be a future request, that would be nice ;=)

The sentence “A playlist you created in Tidal will be removed from your Tidal account”: I would change the first word from Tidal to ROON, then it makes sense (to me at least)

best KnockKnock