Playlist questions- loudness between songs and multiple playlist in queue

First: Is there a way to modulate a songs volume “within” the playlist (and not change its volume “outside” the playlist). Or even better, a way to match the decibel output of ALL the songs on a playlist? The volume between the songs is sometimes dramatic. And Murphy’s law dictates that the ones i want louder are softer and the ones I want softer are louder.

Second: How do you put multiple playlist in queue. Not sure if I’m using the correct terminology here but I want to put more than one playlist in play and then play them randomly.

Thanks- DO

Enable volume leveling for the zone or group. You can turn it off pretty easily if/when you no longer want it.

On the playlist screen, long-press/right-click on one of the playlists you want; the tap/click the other playlists you want to select the group. Select “Shuffle” from the Play menu at the top of the screen.

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