Playlist questions

Two questions about playlists:

  1. Is it possible to hide shared playlists in the iOS app?

  2. Where does one manage shared playlists, e.g. I have several that seem to have been imported from iTunes that I’d like to delete. But…how?

  1. In the Playlists Browser, click the upper left My Playlists drop down and deselect Shared Playlists.

  2. iTunes playlists are imported in your Settings > Storage location when Import ITunes Playlists is selected.

If you want to have iTunes playlists showing in Roon, then this must be selected. However, it’s an all or nothing setting. Individual iTunes playlists must be deleted in iTunes.

If you want some iTunes playlists in Roon and don’t want to delete the others in iTunes, you could edit the ones you want and Save a Local Copy. Then deselect Import iTunes Playlists in Storage Settings after.

More info on Playlists here.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. The shared playlists option is not available in the iOS app anywhere I can find. Am I missing something?

The first screenshot above is from my iPad, however I believe the phone apps are limited in their features. So, I don’t believe you can currently disable shared playlists on the phone apps.

Cheers, Greg